Buildings, cottages and the famous “snail house” have been built all around the trees without cutting one single tree on the plot. In the center of the plot a big Rambutan tree (hair fruit) and most room doors are just facing this nice tree. On our small plot, we have a variety of different trees such as minimum nine different fruit trees, then sago, cinnamon, akazia, ficus benyamini, ulin, durian, gaharu (agarwood), rubber tree and many more. Or, can you find some blooming orchids in the garden? Just go around and open your eyes! We are sure you gone discover something special…

After passing by the garage and main entry, the public part of the guesthouse with the dining room invites for a cold welcome drink – the famous “Teh Serai” – lemongrass tea.

Two Comfort Double guestrooms with wide covered porch are at the same level. An air-conditioned meeting room and business center with office facilities is located on the second floor of that house.

Also on the second floor, our air-conditioned “honey moon suite”, the Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and private bathroom is ready for those looking for some more luxury.

Following the covered gallery on the ground floor, the visitor comes to 3 Standard Double guestrooms with their own unique timber architecture and curved grass roof for natural cool climate. The public sitting room facility with barbeque corner and natural swimming pool leads to the special snail house, or “Rumah Keong”. On the grass roof, our guests will find the “sunset bench” and a cozy place to overview the neighborhood.

The Bukit Raya Guesthouse offers a familiar dining room. Local and international meals are prepared and served daily.

The day either starts with an Indonesian or western breakfast, both served with fresh fruits, if possible from our own garden. Our bread is homemade. Sometimes we have homemade yogurt and jam from local fruits.

For lunch and / or supper, you can order in advance. Please ask our staff for local and international dishes. We are happy to cook for you according to your personal wishes depending on availability of goods on the market.

We also prepare lunch packages if you leave for a longer journey or a day excursion.
The barbecue corner is located at the pool site. Various barbecues are available on request.

People stepping in to Bukit Raya Guesthouse often just say “wow”! We try to keep the natural touch of our small “city forest” as good as possible. Trees are growing and the scenery is changing all the time. The attentive visitor can find dozens of wild orchids growing on and between the trees. Some of them are very small and others are as big as a hand and some bloom only once every 5 to 7 years, while others have never flourished in those 15 years since the house exists!In the wild part of the garden, the amazing Ficus Benyamini is creating a wild orchestra of aerial roots, branches, leaves and trunks. This tree is an astonishing miracle – a wonder of Gods creation!

More in the center, four huge trees form the base for our famous tree house located 5 meters above the ground. While listening to the wind rustling through the bamboo leaves or watching the bats eating the ripe Ficus fruits. But watch out! The bats can get drunken and then it becomes very funny!During the cool evening, hidden lamps create a romantic environment in the garden. While you are taking a bath in the pool, you can enjoy the sounds of the evening: dozens of cicadas, frogs and crickets performing their nightly concert – just similar to the deep tropical forest sounds. An other possibility is to watch a movie in our open-air cinema aside the pool – you will probably not forget these nights at Bukit Raya Guesthouse!

To rest, discuss or read, there are various beautiful corners on the terrace with comfortable chairs, swings and deck chairs. Every guest can find a quiet corner in the spacious and quiet garden. The shadow of the trees and the voices of the birds and crickets kidnap the connoisseur.

The Bukit Raya Guesthouse offers various possibilities for meetings and chatting.

The air-conditionned Business Center is located at the second floor and is furnished with several desks and a meeting table for up to 10 person. We offer color printing up to A3, scanner, faxsimile and color foto copy. One desktop computer with wide screen can be used by our guests as well.

Over our WiFi, you can connect to the internet at almost any place of the Bukit Raya Guesthouse complex.

You can easily hold meetings with your business and project partners in the air-conditioned room upstairs where basic features such as LCD beamer, white board and markers are available.
Just ask our staff for a specific offer to your desires.

The natural pool (36 sq.m) has been built according to organic principles. We do not use any chemical additives. The water is turned over by a pump and cleaned through a multi-layer filter with stones, gravel, sand, carbon and coconut fibres.

Wanting to have an outlook? Then please discover our unique roof garden. Here, you do not only find exotic fruits and flowers, but you also get a nice view on the guesthouse as well as the other side of the neighborhood. The “sunset”- or “sunrise”- bench invites to hang out and skype with your frinds overseas! While feeling the little refreshing breeze on your skin and a nice book and drink in your hand, you can spend hours up there.