About Us

Since many years we are living and working in Central Kalimantan. We love to invite our guests to experience a little bit of Kalimantan. In our Guesthouse, you can meet traditional Dayak constructions and building materials combined with modern timber architecture with a fine taste of well-organized service. If you come to Kalimantan, you may know that this is not the most developed part of Indonesia. We try to offer you an interesting mix of living in a simple, culturally adequate environment combined with some basic luxury and feeling-good facilities. Tropical lifestyle asks you to interact with nature, local customs and habits.

Yes, we try to keep bad habits and unexpected encounters with animals away from you, but yet you risk meeting things you probably wouldn’t meet in the 5-star hotel in air-conditioned rooms with marble and glass architecture… With other words: we do not try to turn Kalimantan into Europe! Are you ready for the challenge? We would love to host you in our house and make you part of the family for a certain period of time! Welcome to Kalimantan!

Dayak people normally have to clear their land before they can sell it. In consequence, plots ready for sale do not have any trees and plants growing on it. The climate on such plots is often hot and unfriendly.

Bukit Raya plot has been a little forest like it’s till today and the neighbors around called it “Hutan anker” which means “spiritual forest”. There was a rumor about spirits and ghosts
going around on that plot… But you do not need to be afraid, just come and find out what there is good spirit about the plot.