1-Day Tours

Orang Utan Island & Tankiling Hills


Sebangau Nationalpark


Multiple-Days Tours

Tanjung Putin Nationalpark


Hutan Desa Tangkahen




Customized Tours

Heart of Borneo


You would like to adjust your tour? Feel free, to ask us…

Wild Landscape and Dayak Culture
You can discover the unique landscape of Kalimantan and culture of Dayak people by car, boat, motorbike, float plane and hiking. We can propose several tours and adventure trips, modified according to your imaginations and preferences.

Boat trip – River cruise
You can make boat trips on the unique rivers, the Rungan River, the Kahayan River and the Sebangau River, around Palangka Raya. We can help you arranging daily trips or overnight trips on low, medium and high luxury level, just according to your budget and preferences. You can see a part of the unique and typical landscape of Central Kalimantan with its swamp forests and slow flowing streams.

Recreation between the trips
Do you prefer to go swimming in a swimming pool, or to play golf, pay a visit to the market by day or by night, visiting the local museum, enjoy local food at the riverbank or climb the Tangkiling hills, etc.: we can help you with this!